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January 6, 2009

Power (and music) to the people

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I have very good news for the two or three people who read this blog. Apple is dropping Anti-copying measures from itunes!. And that’s not all…it is going to price downloads a little more reasonably instead of that stubborn flat 99 cents that it has hung on to for so long.

Sigh..the rare moments when consumers and governments prevail over profits. I am sitting back (ignoring the essay as usual) and enjoying this day.


September 3, 2008


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I’m using Chrome right now. It’s quite something, though I’m still feeling some twinges of guilt about abandoning Firefox.

To learn more about it, you could read:

The Google comic book explaining Chrome

A Wall Street Journal review by Walt Mossberg who has been testing Chrome for a week

The Wired Article

The New York Times Article

A Guardian blog post (Jack Schofield)

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