Of Cabbages and Kings

August 15, 2008

Buying books

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My mother was a huge believer in libraries. While growing up, the number of books that I had read was about 20 times more than the number I owned. So when I started earning, I bought books indiscriminately. I assumed, from years of habit, that I would have no dfficulty at all in reading all the books I bought. But that assumption omitted entirely to account for a tiring job that chained me to my desk for most of the week and compressed my entire personal life to about 15 hours a week so I had little time left to read. But buying books has always cheered me up like nothing else has, although thinking of neglected languishing unread books breaks my heart.

I have been unemployed these last few months thanks to some health issues and a way out. Suddenly I have no income but I do have time to read again. And so I make furtive trips to the bookstore every week and come back with arms full of books and with a lot of joy tinged with a little guilt. Although I have given up buying expensive shoes and perfume, and drinking expensive cocktails, I do wonder sometimes whether all these books I buy are an extravagance.

So you can why I was delighted to read this article which validates my book-buying (along with the Orwell essay referenced by the author). This one is for all those who sneak into Blossom Book House (or your local equivalent) regularly and stare longingly at the pile of books you have gathered wondering exactly how many you can buy without being deemed an out and out libertine. Banish the guilt!


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