Of Cabbages and Kings

February 6, 2011

Growing up

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I’m trying to catch up with my age, an inch a year. It helps sometimes to be an adult in a room full of kids. To look at some of them and see your younger self, and to wonder where that self-possession and generosity vanished to…and to reach within yourself to find it again.

There is really something very special about teenagers – the hopes and dreams of children and their journey into the adult world. Some of them shy away. Some step in steadily, looking straight ahead. Others run in so fast, that you feel a deep sadness for their suddenly stifled childhood.

Endlessly fascinating. Sometimes it makes me determined never to have kids of my own, and at other times, it makes me want my own little person to watch over, love, protect and teach through her journey to adulthood. Then again, it is too much work!


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