Of Cabbages and Kings

July 17, 2010


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This isn’t a diary, it is a blog. So many blogs are an exercise in self-aggrandising narcissism that I have come to fear them. Although it feels like typing and releasing something into a large void, it isn’t really. We’re writing for a tiny audience. One that would barely fill a room, let alone a city. We’re giving each other attention and importance, much like friends do in the ‘normal’ world. Sometime we aren’t interested in the audience and have chosen for some reason to do our private scribbling on the web. I don’t know why. I’ve never thought about it. I treat it like some sort of sophisticated back up system for the writing that I do because I feel that I should write. That I must write. It is like a gigantic exercise book. An extension of the little ruled ‘English Language’ notebook in which I wrote essays and stories on assigned topics.

How do people’s personal diaries read? I’m curious. Seriously. We must all write for different reasons…so it follows that our diaries must be different. Is it true that a woman’s diary would stick religiously to inter-personal relationships as her thoughts are imprisoned in that little world that she is taught is her highest priority? Would the stereotypical male diary be all about sex and money/ power? Would this change as we grow up? Are their people who think all day about how they can make the world a better place? How they can grow plants better or cure cancer or make sure nobody goes hungry…

Or would these people not have the time for a diary? I wonder sometimes – is the internet really a big waste of time? Instead of expanding our horizons, do we chop up our thoughts into tiny inconsequential pieces and scatter them around where they would make the least difference? Like a giant supermarket full of some things we need but a hundreds of shiny things that distract us and drag us to places that we don’t really want to go to.


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