Of Cabbages and Kings

March 28, 2010

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Somewhere in the middle of a ridiculously regressive show that I watch sometimes, a newly married woman wakes up before her husband. She peeks at him and quickly whips out her make-up to fix her face before she wakes him. A happy marriage on American television.

I can understand wanting to look pretty for one’s partner, but makeup at all times??? What happens when you grow old together? Grey hair, wrinkles, sagging breasts, enormous bottoms, stretch-marks, bent backs, chin-hair and a hundred other signs of age will creep up. Does that make you not beautiful any more? Would it be unsurprising if the guy wants to ditch the weathered piece of a once ‘hot’ wife for a fresh young thing?

I know it sounds perfectly awful when I put it that way, but it does seem like the logical conclusion. I don’t understand how anybody hopes to avoid body-hair, morning breath, flatulence, fluctuating weight, and bad hair and skin days in a marriage. There will be illnesses – throwing up and worse – that the delicate man with delicate tastes will have to see you through. Bare lips are surely miniscule in comparison to everything else that comes.

And while we’re on the subject of women wanting…no, needing to look perfect all the time, why is it that the same women also feel obliged to be very kind about the way their partners look? What kind of idiot gets waxed, plucked, scrubbed, cleaned, toned, moisturised, bejeweled, beheeled, painted and sometimes even zapped with a laser for a fat smelly badly dressed twit? I mean, in the good old days, men were expected to ‘provide’ and women were expected to look pretty enough for a rich man to own. Now, the women still need to look the pretty trophies and the men…well I still don’t understand what their function is supposed to be.

The ugly old bum sitting on his couch and living off his mother still feels entitled to a beautiful woman. Except post-women’s lib, he feels free to tell her to earn and pay for her own make-up.


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