Of Cabbages and Kings

December 27, 2008

Christmas music!

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is something I look forward to every winter. I hobbled over to Westminister Abbey this year and shivered for an hour in their long queue so that I could hear the choir sing on Christmas eve. I even braved the man at the gate who was refusing to hand the programmes out to non-whites on the presumption that we were all tourists, and (instead of stomping off in a huff as I would normally be inclined to do in such a situation) coerced a programme out of him. The music was beautiful but I heard very little of it. I was treated instead to the squabbling/ bawling/ whining of two small children who clearly would have preferred an evening in the park to the crowded old church and whose parents were so happy to sit down for a bit (even through the portions where the ceremony required us all to stand) that they could not muster the energy to walk over to kids and encourage them to amuse themselves in less boisterous ways.

The next day I made it up to myself with a day full of music. For those who haven’t discovered the joys of BBC radio yet, this is a great time to start. Some of my favourites:

Johnnie Walker offers lovely Christmas related classic rock

Alan Titchmarsh for eclectic classical/ semi-classical (though he’s managed to throw in pop this time)

Chris Walker for drivetime rock

– And for those who like the popular sing-a-long carols, the Phil Spector Christmas album show

[Most of these shows will be available on air through this week after which the content will change]


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