Of Cabbages and Kings

July 22, 2008

Speaker Mahoday, there are wads of cash on my table

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Our country had a no-confidence vote today. Doubtless everybody know by now that the government won so the question of who will win is no longer interesting. For those who watched the circus on television (I exaggerate the entertainment-potential of a circus by comparing it to the indefatigable members of the Lok Sabha), a detailed description of the proceedings will pale in comparison to all the shouting, fist shaking and protest marches (yes, by members and inside the parliament house and during the debate) so I will not bore you.

Today however, the members outdid themselves. Three of them waved wads of cash in the house and proudly announced that they had been bribed. Since it remains unclear whether they were actually bribed or whether it is merely an allegation, there is no point in wondering about the fallout of the bribery. But I did wonder how they managed to smuggle all that cash into parliament. And also whether we are so far gone that three members of parliament are able to gleefully announce during a session of the Lok Sabha, on national television that they accepted bribes. And self-righteously denounce another party for giving them the bribe that they accepted.


The debate records are here. Unfortunately, the formidable control+f does not work on the page and you will need to scroll and read to find the portions you are interested in. The bribery bit comes towards the end. Sadly, most of the juicy parts have been struck from the record and are not reflected in the official transcript.


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