Of Cabbages and Kings

July 2, 2007

Being Rosie’s mother…

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A caucasian woman writes about bringing up her Guatamalan daughter. It’s in the Guardian. Some excerpts:

Mostly, until the age of 11, you can manage your children’s environment. But three years ago we moved to the countryside, to Huntingdon in Cambridgeshire, where the local comprehensive was 93% white British…Last autumn boys ran up to her shouting, “King Kong, King Kong”. They threw bottles and stones, we later learned, and shouted, “Black bitch.”…This year, I’ve noticed, she has developed more of a sense of her Hispanic background…

After nearly three years at secondary school, she has a strong community of friends of a variety of races. Last week I asked how her day was.

“The King Kong thing. Not much. Something else.”

“What else? Something racial?”

” Maybe. Doesn’t matter. I was with friends.”



” Nothing?”

” Mum! We told them to fuck off.”

“Good girl,” I said.


The book thief

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Somebody gave it to me yesterday. Am delighted.

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