Of Cabbages and Kings

June 13, 2007

The Family – an introduction

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My grandfather turns eighty this weekend. Being the best quiet, blunt rock-reliable darling that ever got up at 4 a.m. everyday and made divine filter coffee for the whole, he deserves a real celebration. And as part of this real celebration, the Family is doing something it hasn’t done for over two decades – that is since the brothers and the sister were no longer under any compulsion to stay in the same house – it is congregating (in full strength) in the same city for the same for days and ‘spending time’ ( as opposed to dashing off for fictional meetings, forced shopping trips and fictitious emergencies).

Given that my family consists of people who would dearly love to be Naxalites and think it fashionable to live in one-room dumps which have a surplus of cockroaches and a scarcity of water,  and whose siblings consider it almost unhygenic to wear watches that weren’t manufactured by Cartier and travel it in cars that aren’t BMWs, a reunion is sort of like a ballet mingling with a travelling circus. Very dangerous and very entertaining.

So introducing the cast – we have one NRI (non-resident Indian) Corporate Uncle. He’s the one who owns the BMW and the Rolex. He is married to the Pure Blood Aunt – theirs is the only marriage in the family within the caste and community*. They have two beautiful thin successful eligible daughters, the older of whom is the Oldest Cousin. She looks like Madonna, sings like a Nightingale, is married to the Perfect Man and gets paid a whole lot to work for the London branch of one of the largest companies in the world. The Younger Sister is even more beautiful – she’s going to study at an Ivy League, she writes very well and lots of people want to marry her.


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