Of Cabbages and Kings

May 13, 2007

The Jacaranda Tree (work in progress)

Filed under: Fiction — Chinmayi @ 5:49 pm

She sat on the pavement under the Jacaranda tree. The years had poured into the tree so it reached high above the buildings that mushroomed like impertinent upstarts down the street. The years had wrung the flesh from her so she looked like a hunched frail withered shadow that lurked among the shiny new buildings which loomed threateningly at her all along the street. She took refuge in the familiar – in the huge leafy, red flower laden Jacaranda tree which continued to pour leaves and flowers on the sidewalk regardless of the threatening new buildings and the threatening new people which now lined it.

The tree protected her. She put her rickety wooden cart with large wheels under it every night and crawled under the cart with her little brown kitten. The tree protected her and she protected the kitten. During the day she swept the trees leaves and she sold flowers from her rickety wooden cart. The kitten wandered, clambering up the tree in its little red collar which proclaimed to anyone who wanted to drown stray animals that it had a protector. The woman swept the leaves of the tree, demonstrating to anyone who wanted to drag indigent octagenarians to horrible faraway slums dedicated to making them miserable that she had a function in that place, on that street and under that large Jacaranda tree.


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