Of Cabbages and Kings

May 9, 2007

Patenting the Padmasana

Filed under: Across the Universe — Chinmayi @ 5:21 pm

The Americans are trying to get IP rights over yoga. More accurately, actually, opportunistic Indians are trying to get IP rights over yoga through the US patent office.

Suketu Mehta writes here about how the entire concept of yoga, as well as most other forms of Indian traditional knowledge such as classical music, simply won’t fit within the concept of Intellectual Property.

‘The term “intellectual property” was an oxymoron: the intellect could not be anybody’s property. You did not pay your guru in coin; you herded his cows and married his daughter, and passed on the knowledge to others when you were sufficiently steeped in it. This tradition continues today, most notably in Indian classical music, none of whose melodies have been copyrighted.’


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