Of Cabbages and Kings

March 28, 2007

Dragons and cubicles

Filed under: Personal, Random musing — Chinmayi @ 5:59 pm

Why are there no epics written about survival in a corporate office? So what if there are no golden-scaled  dragons and rusty-sword wielding armies of orcs. We have a new breed of dragon and new forms of gollum.

Like the guy who sits next to you and who sips his coffee (one cup every sixty minutes) with a long-drawn slurpy sound so that everyone within a thirty foot radius knows he is enjoying his beverage. Or the one who likes to turn his phone-volume really high, so that he can hear it from the next building, or so that the sound pierces through our earphones and our Bach and drums at our ears until we are compelled to answer his phone. Or the one that likes to sneak up on people and announce to the rest of the office “she’s playing minesweeper”.

Yes, I get it – that’s why. Give me a wholesome fire-breathing dragon or a wicked, wicked orc anyday. Way better than a 4 by 2 cubicle with your computer screen suspended exactly where the whole office can see it and your chair backed into exactly that bit of the corridor where everyone can bump into it.


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