Of Cabbages and Kings

January 28, 2007

44 children ran away tonight

Filed under: Across the Universe, Random musing — Chinmayi @ 5:03 pm

The television tells me that four search parties are out looking for this huge bunch of children that have run away from a Madiwala remand home.  I shudder to imagine exactly how terrible the place must be that the children have chosen to risk being out in the city by themselves rather than sleep in their beds. I hope that they’ll find their way to someplace safe.

I also hope that this means that questions will be asked about remand homes and about how the authorities treat children – some of the most terrible stories of child abuse come out of remand homes…

Update: So they’re considering sending the kids to ‘regular’  jail. Some news reports say that the remand home is one of the better ones of its kind. Although there’s this report, about how a kid killed himself at the place two years back. Was wondering what sort of ‘observation home’ lets kids kill themselves and has over half its population run out…and came across this article about the security problem, and about how 3 people cared for 75 children at the place. By ‘cared for’ I presume they mean ‘guarded’. If 75 children that are disturbed enough to kill, rob and rape have 3 people attending to them…and if that’s the state of things in one of the ‘better’ observation homes, can you begin to imagine how many children we’re ruining? How many, for lack of a little attention, a little affection and direction, will grow up to be mass murderers and psychopaths? Because no one thought that a kid who stole was worth a second thought…


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