Of Cabbages and Kings

January 27, 2007


Filed under: Personal — Chinmayi @ 6:18 pm

is the sound of blood rushing through my brain. I’m walking, document in hand, towards the room in which the scanner’s kept. And whoosh. I stagger forward and lean against the door. Look round furtively – see three people typing franctically and one on his phone. Lean against the door casually and grin at the two girls that walk by coffee in hand. Sneak a look around, totter into the room and collapse on the chair.

In a few minutes, feeling better, I hop out and start chattering. Whoosh! I flop into a chair. And continue talking. Bless the riots – I didn’t have to stand on the road that day and hope that I would find an autorickshaw before the next whoosh found me. The brother drove me home.

The next day I was happy and thoroughly unprofessional. Little mini-swishes fluttered through my head – it was like that heady delight you feel after you’ve had a little more wine than you should have. I’m waking up now, and I find that I have very behaved badly with someone whose work I admire and respect. I have so much damage to undo, I don’t know where to start…



  1. ooooo i like this

    Comment by pinkjellybaby — January 29, 2007 @ 12:43 pm

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