Of Cabbages and Kings

October 28, 2006

No coffee, no late nights

Filed under: Personal — Chinmayi @ 5:39 pm

The doctor says that I am exhausted. And stressed. I am an extraordinarily irresponsibly and lazy person – I can’t be exhausted and stressed! That’s for hyper finicky people in perfect crisp white shirts and plum lipsticks and heels, who work till 4 a.m. and obsess about hair and about dangling the perfect  looking guy on their arm, and making the perfect huge salary and so on. I’m a lazy creature with scattered looking hair, who likes to snuggle on the couch with a Wodehouse and a cup of hot chocolate for hours. How can I possibly be stressed!

So I have to give up coffee and junk food and late nights. I was tempted to ask my prudish doctor whether that meant that I can smoke (I don’t smoke) and drink (I do, but only once in a while). But I gave it up. The weather was lovely and I was anxious to get away from the sick people and into the smell of rain.

So I shall manfully try to give up my beloved coffee (though that’s only going to make me sleepier) and my late night reading and my junk food. It’s past eleven tonight and I’m going for a greasy sausage breakfast tomorrow, so this legend-of-tantalus ordeal that he’s putting me through will be implemented gradually, not immediately.


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