Of Cabbages and Kings

October 24, 2006

Beating Bidapa

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The Times of India has a ghoulish fascination for all the intimate details of the lives of certain people. It translates this ghoulish fascination into ‘news’ and insists on splashing it across those fresh-from-the-press pieces of paper that all of us have developed a compulsive habit of examining at our respective  breakfast tables or on our respective pots every morning.  You can of course, argue that most news is, in a sense, gossip. Intrusion and endless curiousity about a lot of things that don’t really concern us. But let’s save that story for another day, today’s little story is one of the interesting bits of news that the Times has inadvertantly ended up reporting.

Adam Bidapa, son of Prasad Bidapa, was charged with assaulting and abusing four policemen, and was arrested. This happened during a midnight police raid on Spinn, a nightclub. One might ask at this stage, exactly how difficult it could possibly be for four presumable well-trained fit sober tough policemen to cow one drunk nineteen year old. Speculations aside though, this kid was arrested and thrown in the Police locker. His parents landed up and soon, his mother was charged with ‘misbehaving with the cops’. This must be one superwoman – she marches into a police station well past midnight, shouts and the cops and ‘pushes them around’. My feminism swells with pride to see a middle aged lady easily pushing our rough and tough, well-exercised macho, well-trained cops around. My inner coward on the other hand, quails in the face of this information that our cops are so easily assaulted and pushed around – if one drunk nineteen year old and his socialite mother can achieve this that hey, (and I tremble as I think about this) how hard can it be for hardened thugs and their tough mommies?

And I am unable to find it online, but today’s Times has this absolutely priceless letter by some character who has decided (instead of examining our criminal justice system) to examine Adam Bidapa as a ‘role model for today’s youth’. So there’s poor Adam in hiding, and recovering from lathi bruises and all, and here, this gentleman insists on a character evaluation. All the other children in the city stay at home and study, he rages, and here we are trying to take up the cause of this decadent teenage who (*gasp with shock, disbelief and prudish horror*) was drinking at a nightclub. What kind of a role model is he? Why is his father shamelessly taking his part, rants on the illustrious moral (and presumably a great model for today’s youth) gentleman.

I don’t remember this guy’s name, but if he has a son, the poor child has all my sympathies. You’re knocked out and lying in a police station and all your dad can think about is (a) all the other poor children that were studying instead of partying (b) that you were drinking, and (c) that you were at a nightclub. Gosh, we should all thank our stars that this man isn’t Macaulay, or most’ve us would regularly receive a series of knocks with a lathi and nights in a police lock-up for not being ‘role models’. Do try and get hold of his letter, it’s really fascinating.

Poor Prasad. His son’s been bailed out, but his wife has had to go into hiding – ‘absconding’, a word that is used in all the crime pages to describe the conduct of runaway criminals. Judith Bidapa is absconding. And a womanhunt has been launched for this dangerous criminal who could be pushing around  police stationsfull of macho toughie policemen even as we speak.

And again I digress widly. The point really is, why are these policemen getting away with this silliness. Is it a criminal offence to injure a policeman’s ego? If it is, I should go back to law school and pay careful attention to Criminal Law-I. How hard is it for a whole gang of policemen to hold a nineteen year old, even to tie him up, and keep him out of their way? How hard is it for a whole gang of policemen to prevent his middle-aged mother from ‘pushing them around’? Isn’t is all a bit dispropotionate… all this beating and arresting and pressing charges?


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